Why ApHV?

Living History Actors are more and more numerous in France and the reenacted periods and themas are more and more varied. Some federations, some entities already exist, gathering a given number of these Actors and they are often very active (Thanks to them!). But they are more or less linked either to a precise activity, or to a precise period or thema...

The aim of the Association pour l'Histoire Vivante (Society for Living History) is to promote Living History in France and to allow to all of its Actors to gather, to know each other and to be known. And that without trying to replace existing federations and entities, but by working in partnership with them. Together we will succeed in making Living History known and recognized in France.

The different actions and activities:

  • Edition of a multimedia web site describing the society activities,
  • Organization of historical events: festivals, markets (dedicated web site), banquets...,
  • Advices and services to media, sites owners, events organizers, individuals...,
  • Sales of historical reenactment or inspiration products (dedicated web site),
  • Edition of magazines dedicated to historical reenactment.

Legal informations :

  • SIRET N° : 448 179 689 00014
  • Spectacles organizer licenses : 2-1039414, 3-1039415

* Download our regulations (in French)

** Download our brochure (also in French) : Recto, Verso

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